Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wedding Picture

Ok, so I'm jumping ahead of my "Coming Soon" list because I needed a wedding present. Last minute Sally that I am, did not get my very good friend a wedding present for her wedding today. So I thought I'd jump in and see if I could whip her up a watercolor. Pretty ambitious, huh?  Yeah, I thought so too.

Being an Interior Designer and working for years with architects, it has been drilled into me to show my process. How I got to my end result. What was the meaning in it all. Well this isn't that deep and really neither was any of my design projects, but it is pretty cool to see how my original thought for something transformed. Here is a quick sketch of the form I wanted the watercolor to take.

A little more detail on the wing to see if I could figure out the feathers.  Now I'm taking ALOT of inspiration from one of my favorite blogs, Geninne's Art Blog. She does these wonderful watercolor birds and I am trying to imitate her process here but hopefully in my own way. I hate to have you go to her blog and compare hers to mine, because I am no where near her talent, but she just may inspire you to. Plus I need to give her props. She's good.
On to the finished product...

This is not a tracing (believe me, I wish I could have done that). I did this on a watercolor block that is glued on all four sides so it stays stretched when you apply the water. Once you're done you take an exacto knife and cut it apart. 

So I don't think it turned out too bad. I need alot of practice on the white acrylic detailing. That was all hand done with the smallest brush I had. I did discover my Rapidograph pens from school and will try to see if I can get those to work for a steadier line. Plus I need some refinement to my handwriting. Not happy with the lettering. 

Please go easy on the critique if you have any, this is seriously my second attempt at watercoloring, EVER. I think it turned out pretty good, but I guess I'll let the bride be the judge of that.

Congratulations Jon and Katie!