Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top Ten

David Letterman did it best. Oprah made it personal. In a busy, unfocused world, we can't read more then a few lines before we move on to the next bright, shiny object. Marketing professionals know this. If you can't convey your message in a few succinct lines you've lost them. It's sad, but with so much information overload, we don't have time to filter through all of the data on the web. That's why "Top Ten" lists or "My Fav's" are so popular. There's even a website called Top10.com where you can add to existing Top 10 lists or create your own. Here's mine. So, to keep you all engaged, here is my Top Ten list of favorite websites that I visit everyday for either recipes, design inspiration or just plain fun...

  1. Pinterest - A place to categorize and share your favorite images.
  2. Herman Miller's Lifework - The famous furniture manufacturer's design blog.
  3. Geninne Art Blog - Who I wish I were.
  4. Design Seeds - A woman who knows her color. 
  5. Design Traveller - No words, just beautiful interiors...color coded.
  6. Cute Overload - Prepare to be overwhelmed with cuteness.
  7. Houzz - As an Interior Designer, I can not get enough of these images.
  8. Blissful Thinking - Yoga for the mind.
  9. Photojojo - If you love photography, you'll love this site.
  10. My Fridge Food - If all you have is bacon, peanut butter and frozen fries...