Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alpaca Farm

Who doesn't love baby alpaca's? They're doe-eyed and soft and when our babysitter announced one had just been born a few days ago, we jumped at the chance to go see the little cutie (well I did, anyway, I don't think the kids knew what they were getting into). Dominic was the first in the pen and yelled "Hellooo Llamas!" Well I think that ticked them off. Nice first impression, kid.

I'm mean really...how sweet is that face. You would not believe how soft their coat is either. She is only 2 days old and 21 pounds. Good Lord - that poor mama!

Meet the family. Women and babies in the front and the men looking ever so longingly behind the fence in the back.  A few of the ladies were "teasing" the boys which caused quite a stir between the competing males. Good thing they were separated. I didn't want to have to answer THAT question. {if you don't know what I mean by that well forget about it, this is a family channel, blog, whatever...next!}

They were all quite welcoming though. It was a funny combination of caution and curiosity. They would come up to you real close. I mean real close, nose to nose close. But as soon as you made a move to pet them they shied away. 

I asked the owner of the farm why they wouldn't let you pet them, and it was based on instinct. The alpacas were/are hunted by dogs and of course they are attacked on their long necks and heads. So any touch on their neck or head causes them to back away. 

I just love their mop tops. Wait a minute, doesn't she look a little like Tina Turner in the 80's? {hehe}

The kids were mostly okay. Lia, being the oldest, was a lot more calm then her cousin Jayden and Dom. When the boys were dukeing it out behind the fence, twisting their necks around each other and trying to show their dominance, Dominic was yelling "Fight, Fight, Fight" like he was in school cheering on a fight on the playground. I wonder where they learn this so young? He's 4 for crying out loud!

Dominic getting a little neck nuzzle from his new girlfriend. With Jayden doing the lean back. 

This isn't a great picture by any means, but I wanted to show it because it does show Dominic's "softer" side. He is very good with animals and I will find him snuggling with Smokey, our cat, every once in a while. What a sweet face. This alpaca doesn't seem to mind either. 

What was really funny, about the hour or so we were there, the kids were more excited about the cats that were hanging around the barn then the alpacas, really. We took about 50 photos with about half of the alpacas and the other half cats. We have a cat at home people! I guess they were cute though...

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Those are so cute! And the kids aren't bad, either! Haha! What a fun thing to do. Living in the country has its advantages!!