Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bug Camo

I was out taking pictures of this great Elderberry plant, next to my house earlier this month.  And as I was getting a close-up, I noticed one of the little green pods moving.  Can you see him? {Far right, center}

I had to look again because it blended in so well.  My next 10 pictures were of this little green bug making his way across the flower. Hooray for digital!

And then! I was picking these yellow flowers on Sunday and my hand touched this yellow spider and freaked me out!

I thought it had bit me, but I wasn't sure because it was so small. So Dan took a picture and we looked it up online to see if it was poisonous. I really didn't think it was. I wasn't feeling woozy. Other than from embarrassment from screaming like a girl, hehe. Lucky me it was a common Crab Spider typically found on Goldenrod flowers. They do bite, but it's not poisonous, thank goodness.

But how cool to find these two little gems using their built in camouflage. Check out this site and see how other animals use their camouflage for survival...damncoolpics.blogspot.com

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